“Europe – Our History” is expressly intended to be used day to day in curricular history teaching as a textbook and workbook. Before work on the series commenced, a feasibility study checked the history curricula of Poland and the German federal states to identify areas of convergence and found substantial overlaps. The work that followed on planning the series’ content involved drawing together a list of topics and learning objectives for it to cover. This process has ensured that the series will allow teachers and learners to successfully work through the spectrum of topics and learning objectives covered by the curriculum. It may be of benefit to make use of additional materials for closer study of specific topics and issues in relation to which focal points may vary according to regional needs and areas of emphasis. The Polish version of the books comes with a supplement for further study of particular issues. The series’ distinguishing feature, which gives it decisive added value over and above other publications, is its consistently transnational perspective, developed and maintained with the specific aim of helping students engage constructively with the diversity of historical experience in Europe.

Volume 1, “From prehistory and ancient times to the Middle Ages”, was published in 2016. Volume 2, “The modern period to 1815”, followed in 2017, and Volume 3, “From the Congress of Vienna to the World War I”, in 2019. Volume 4 (twentieth century-present) will be published in 2020.

“Europe – Our History” is a textbook series for curricular teaching on European history, developed in a cooperative process by Polish and German academics and educators and intended for use in both countries. It covers all required curricular content, with a specific focus on transnational perspectives and the diversity of historical experience. In many instances, the series achieves this by making exemplary reference to German and Polish points of view, but it also examines other perspectives. However, “Europe – Our History” is expressly not intended to serve as supplementary teaching material on the history of Polish-German relations. Instead, the series’ intent is to make a contribution to helping school students develop an awareness of history on the basis of knowledge backed by facts and sources and characterised by critical reflection on historical events. Further, it is hoped that the books will play a key role in enabling young people and educators to engage in dialogue on the two countries’ shared European history.

The organisations and institutions involved in the project regularly hold information and training events and workshops around the “Europe – Our History” series. Information on current events can be found on the German/Polish version of this site.